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Our expertise

"We do what we do best, so that you can do what you do best...BETTER!"

The business ethos for PowerBiz Solutions has always been to seek the most efficient and effective technology benefits for clients, since the business is successful only if the client’s technology systems enhance their overall business.

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What we do

PowerBiz Solutions is built around being a Trusted Advisor to clients. It means that we embrace the following values:
  • Integrity — We always seek to be open about what we do and why.
  • Sincerity — The passion that drives the ethos of PowerBiz is the desire to help others.
  • Reliability — The “handshake” from 25 years ago is still my promise to clients that we will keep our promises.
  • Commitment — When we say that a certain task will be done, we will do everything in our power to get that task done.
  • Consistency — We strive to uphold high and consistent standards for every client, regardless of their size.
  • Competence — All of our staff are continuously updating their knowledge base to ensure that our clients are receiving the best expert support.

Managed IT Services

Tailored Services to help you with the technology you use in your business.

Microsoft 365 Solutions

Maximize and secure your Microsoft products to increase your productivity.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Constant monitoring, threat awareness training, and protection against malicious attacks.

Telephony Systems

World class telephony system on a budget that suits small business.

Domain and Website

Protect your branding and market your business with top quality domain name branding and website development.

Hardware Support

Our skilled technicians specialize in diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs.

Our Products and Services

Top Tier Vendor Portfolio

We partner with global leaders in technology. These vendors are at the pinnacle of their respective technologies.